We are a small family farm in Vermont. Our thirteen acres consists of a 3 acre maple orchard, 5 acres in a truck patch produce rotation, and the balance is rotationally grazed pasture. We are blessed with solid old barns in a typical New England layout to house our cattle, swine, chickens and their feed.  We also use an additional 10 acres in rented hay ground. Our family loves to grow heirloom varieties and experiment with different ways of preserving our harvest--root cellaring, canning, fermenting, drying... We enjoy the beauty of the cyclical nature of true farming and love to share what we learn with others.

The name Old Gates Farm comes from the family who owned this farm from 1907 to 1988. When we first moved to the farm, we had many locals and neighbors stop by to tell us about the “old Gates Farm”. Clarence, whose father bought the farm in 1907, was a real homesteader...growing most of his food, raising strawberries and gladiolas for sale and always welcoming neighbors to the farm. After hearing so many stories about the “old Gates Farm”, we thought it was the perfect name.

We view our farm as working homestead and will continue to work to improve soil while providing are family and community with vegetables, milk, pork, eggs, and maple syrup.