Our farm is a micro-dairy selling raw milk.  We have two Jerseys--Daisy and Jemima.


We will milk for you on a set day of the week and pick-up is available after 10am that day.  We bottle in half gallon jars on our farm, $3.50/half gallon.



Farmshare accounts can be used at our farmstand and all farmers' markets we do.  This year we'll be at the Poultney Farmers' Market (Thursdays 9-2 from June 22 to October 5) and the Castleton Farmers' Market (Thursdays 3:30-6:00 from June 1 to October 5).

All farmshares must be used up by the end of 2017.  You can add to your farmshare at any point during the year.  Farmshares do not include our maple syrup or meats.

Maple Syrup

We have a small sugarbush on our farm with 325 taps.  With a wood-fired evaporator, we boil sap in an open pan.  Our kids help gather the sap and as a family we spend early spring days in the sugarhouse making syrup.